My name is John Snook and I am US-American, but most importantly, a person who wants to shape my life on Earth with interest, curiosity, and happiness – in peace with my fellow human beings, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, or gender.

It just cannot be that megalomaniac politicians, mercenary corporations, sick militarists, and insane religious fanatics deprive me of this right.

I renounce all forms of violence, intolerance, and exclusion and promise to help anyone who is so affected. Politicians are trapped in their career paths by their party system – they can change nothing, seeking only to impose their party perspectives on others.

WE, however, can change things, when we are ready and if we really want to! WE must see ourselves as role models for our children, because WE are responsible for their future!

What do we want to achieve?

This Peace Declaration is an attempt for a worldwide movement to pick up momentum in order to truly achieve
what most politician continue to ramble about but, realistically, they have neither the possibility nor the will to realise:

Peace between and amongst all people, nations and ethnies

Our aim is to obtain as many signatures as possible so that all the politicians and mili-tary heads of this world will become unable to keep their eyes and ears closed. We want to facilitate the way forward to the first peace generation of this world.

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